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Last night, I was looking on dA, and saw a tutorial on how to do water colors…which had me running around the house at midnight searching for paint and brushes…and this is what happened c:

I think I’ll be painting more often, as oppose to drawing with pens and pencils. This was free-hand, and it was fun! Look how pretty it is! ❤



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Ohayo, (practicing my Japanese)

I don’t really know…I’ve been in a mood lately and hopefully I’ll come out of it soon because it is effecting my writing and blogging and such. And I can’t quit now, I just started O:< So yeah. What do you guys do to get out of a funk? I think I should listen to some happy music and get something to eat…I need a car so badly.

Off to practice my Japanese! Sayonara, for now ❤


the era of the strings

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Not that I do any drugs at all; it’s just the word that describes exactly what this is for me. Once you listen, you’ll be AH-ddicted.

Violins are just about the most epic instrument there is! If you disagree, then here, let me put dirt in my ears….alright, go ahead, keep talking, I can’t hear you now. :p.

Here are a few violinists that will just make you….die? Is that alright? I wouldn’t mind murder by music. Especially if it was this…I’m gonna say it : ILL.

((I didn’t find this one, someone linked it to me, so kudos to them, not me lol.))

Fuuuuuunny stuff c:

Bond….Mozart Bond.

Crack for the eyes.

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This isn’t a critical review, nothing, professional, just me raving about those drawings below because they are epic.

Soooo….as you may or may not know, I’m a member of deviantart, that really artsy community website where you can post and share and all this other fun jizz. Well, yeah, here’s a friend of mine who’s also on there. He’s like…awesome (sssh, don’t tell him I said that….) . And he just got a tablet, so soon he’ll be taking over the world, and making people gasm from the eyes with his art work. :3


This is his style....he says he dosen't like it :I



Original artwork by Cayossj2; Bleach by Tite Kubo


Talented, no? I mean yes….hnnn.

I’m happy he let me (dreads this verb) blog about this. But I just want others to known about his talent; he deserves it, I think so at least.

You should REALLY REALLY check out his dA account, it’s awesome, specially if you’re a major Bleach fan! If you do, don’t forget to comment and fave! He’d like that I’m sure….or maybe not *shrug*

c; <—— The url for his dA account. Copy and paste it. Naow. :I

sugar cube

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I'm the one with the not red hair



I’m new to this, please be kind.

I don’t really know what this blog is going to be about. Guess it’s a free-lance kinda thing.



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