Summer-IsaBella, too romantic of a name

  • Izzie
  • Summer
  • Bells

Best: My eyes

Worst: My nose

I have scars, inside and out.

  • I’m sensitive
  • Overall, I hate people, but I love their personalities, depending.
  • Hearts, pink and red, and candy and flowers
  • Cute cute cute


  • *Children
  • *Alice and Wonderland
  • *Colors
  • *Fashion
  • *Tokyo
  • *Norway
  • *Boys
  • *Girls


  • *Organized anything
  • *Horses?
  • *Pork

10 Facts~:

1. I’m short, probably will never get taller than 5’2 so I like to wear high heels.

2. African-American/Korean

3. Big family c:

4. I love cultures

5. I’m having an affair with photography while being married to drawing

6. Sailor Moon…still like it.

7. I’m moving soon…veeerrry soon

8. I’m bi-sexual

9. A tiny bit of a procrastinator

10. I love you


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