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October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment


Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Poster (2009)


Does anybody remember that one movie, about the fox, that came out last year around Christmas time? No? Well, that’s quite a shame. It was called Fantastic Mr. Fox, a movie based on the book by Roald Dhal, who is also known for his infamous works such as James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which have both been adapted into movies by the same director, Tim Burton (whom I love to pieces <3)

It’s a stop-motion film; Wallace and Gromit as a reference, using puppets I think. It’s interesting to watch, their movements and such. The facial expressions are comical, and their personalities are just human, which may be trying to tell us that maybe we’re just…animals.

Alright, so quick jist of the plot, yes?

It’s about a fox (obviously) Mr. Fox (to you sir, yes you with the face) and he used to lead a life of stealing chickens and squabs (whatever those are…) until he and his Mrs. Fox, Felicity, get caught in a fox trap. While they’re scrambling for their lives form the farmers, who in this movie particularly just all out hate foxes (and for good reasons :p) Mrs. Fox makes her husband promise he’ll never steal another chicken, hen, or squab…

And so years go by, they have a son, and then…well, you could call it mid-life crisis, foxieh style c:

And so the fun begins. Yeah, that’s all I’m not too lazy to write about, the rest is up to whether you watch the movie or not.

My favorite characters in this movie were Ash, the son, and Kristofferson, the cousin on the mother’s side of the family.


Kristofferson (love that name) on the left; Ash on the right.



"We look good." "Yeah..."


*sigh* Maybe it’s because my brother watches it relentlessly that I’ve grown to love this movie. I’ve seen it too many times…but I feel like I gain something more from it each time I view it…or maybe I’m just easily amused in that way. Bah.

The voice cast includes:

George Clooney – Mr. Fox

Meryl Streep – Mrs. Felicity Fox

Jason Schwartzman (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World people….) – Ash Fox

Eric Anderson (brother of the film’s director) – Kristofferson Silverfox


and much much more, like Bill Murray and Owen Wilson…Willem Dafoe (the Green Goblin from Spider Man) c:

There are many reasons to see this movie; it was the second highest rating animation film, coming short behind the cute cute Up movie and yada yada yada. It’s a classic, just like the book, and it’s company c: <— The official website ; u ;


Check out the playlist too, on wikipedia —–>



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